© Nik Thoenen 2019

Born 1970, lives and works in Vienna. Studies of philosophy, history,
film and theatre studies in Vienna.
Lecturer at the Institute of Art and Design/TU Vienna.
Director of mosz records.

2016 Agents of Confusion! Symposion + competition, Joanneum Graz
2007 Outstanding Artist Award for Film, Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture
2004 Local Artists Award, Crossing Europe Festival Linz

sixpackfilm, Vienna
Light Cone, Paris

Sammlung Wien Museum / Collection City of Vienna
Ursula Blickle Video Archive / Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
Centre Pompidou Paris

Curatorial practice
XX Y X – ongoing project featuring primarily female visual and sound artists
2019 Transform She Said (w/ Claudia Slanar). Blickle Kino, Belvedere 21, Vienna
2018 Choreography of the Frame (w/ Maia Gusberti). Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2005 Fresh Trips – About Moving Images, Sound Spaces and Performances
         (w/ Annja Krautgasser). medien.kunst.tirol, Innsbruck

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