Self-portrait © 2017

Born 1970, lives and works in Vienna. Studies of philosophy, history, film and theatre studies in Vienna.
Lecturer at the Institute of Art and Design/TU Vienna. Director of mosz records.

In her artistic practice Schwentner the focus is on two main subjects which at times are interconnected: desire and absence in all possible forms and their representations, be they sonic, cinematographic, photographic or text, and archives as collectively accessible and usable storage systems. Schwentner questions and negotiates desire and its affects and strategies by creating poetic settings using transference and transformation of reference material, resulting in re-stagings or re-enactments of narrations from the (pop)cultural context, or in poetic-technical settings in natural environments. One main part of her work is the reflection on structural strategies of essayistic (moving) image production, on the production itself as well as on forms of presentation, another one is the reflection on ecological realities and a failed modern technologicality and how we could possibly repair our ecosystems and environments. Schwentner's projects are based on and developed from archive material such as film footage, film historical and theoretical texts as well as content from botanical collections.

Technically and contentwise Schwentner casts a light on structures and economic conditions of (moving) image production. She works in the fields of video, photography, installation and site-specific intervention. Her working methods include transition, transformation, repetition and multiplication.

Schwentner is also curating exhibitions, shows and series, among others XX Y X – a series featuring primarily female visual and sound artists, and she's running mosz records, label for experimental electronic music.

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